monte mariposa


Cortijo Romero

Spain's leading centre for year-round alternative, holistic, personal development holidays and retreats since 1986. Courses, excursions, yoga, tai chi, massage, music, dance and more, in a magnificent Andalucian mountain setting. 

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Finca Argayall (La Gomera)

Project Argayall, on La Gamera, Canary Islands, was founded in 1986 with the intention of creating an alternative, experimental/experiential spiritual community. There is a year round programme of seminars, groups, workshops and retreats. It's possible to come to Argayall simply for a holiday in an eco-community setting.

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Molino del Rey

Molino del Rey is a well established Yoga Centre on the Costa del Sol. Set in a typical small Spanish hamlet, a variety of different yoga and wellness retreats (detox, weight loss, nutrition) are offered. Other courses include painting holidays, hiking/walking holidays, meditation, mindfullness and others.

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Monte Mariposa

Monte Mariposa is an eclectic Retreat Centre where people come together to learn, teach, experience, exchange and inspire others. The centre host courses, residential trainings, retreats and workshops, all based on human growth and understanding in a natural environment that is nourishing and enriching.

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Tamera Ecovillage

Throughout the year, Tamera offers a wide selection of training courses, seminars, workshops and festivals about love and relationships, new forms of communication and sustainability. All of the seminars and festivals are examples of “small-scale community”, making it possible for participants to directly try out a holistic way of living.

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Monte Velho

Once a rural tourism center near the Atlantic Coast, Monte Velho has grown into its true essence and purpose as an Eco Retreat Center. A space to appreciate and bring to life the natural beauty of the environment and a chance to have a real and empowering experience, our connection to our roots and a way to discover our true nature.

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