A Holiday With a Difference

The numerous Mediteranean alternative holistic holiday Centres all aspire to

providing a meaningful holiday as an alternative to a mass-produced package holiday.

This is a list of alternative holistic holiday and special interest vacation sites in the Mediterranean rim that share a common bond. We are all working for the same vision of a new peaceful culture of compassion, one that includes cooperation between all beings and with the planet. This would be a sustainable culture, a permaculture. This page may help you find a holistic holiday in the sun.

Networking is part of that holistic vision. We are all offering programmes and in some cases community experiences for people to try out new ways of living, working and relating. We at Kalikalos Centre do not feel any sense of competition amongst each other; rather we support each other by a free interchange of information and in some cases resources.

Each Centre has its own orientation and its own ambiance. Some programmes emphasize yoga or self development holidays, others creativity, healing or therapy, some are communities, some offer rest and retreat and others simply provide a relaxing get-away from the hustle and bustle of life in the cities with an opportunity to meet others who may share your holistic interests. Please investigate and choose the one(s) that suits your interests, inclinations and pocketbook in the moment.

The old maxim: “She or he who knows England only knows not England” is true also of alternative holiday centres. By experiencing several you learn more about each one, about the concept in general and about yourself.

Green People need a warm sunny holiday too!

Creativity Holidays

A number of centres offer painting and drawing holidays. Others specialise in writers; retreats, Still others invite you through art therapy to find the muse in yourself, to express whatever form of creativity suits you best.

Yoga & Tai Chi Holidays

Yoga retreats are perhaps the most common form of an alternative educational holiday. There are many forms of yoga taught, some specialise in one form, others are eclectic and bring teaches from many traditions.

Mindfulness Retreats

Various forms of meditation are available at many of the alternative holistic Centres. These encompass a wide variety of traditions from the Sufi, Tibetian, SE Asia Vipassana and Japanese Zen. More recently Mindfulness has been developed in the West for healing and well being.