What is an holistic holiday?


BORED with the usual package holiday? Sure, it’s nice to lie around all day on the beach, eat different food and experience another culture. But what if you crave something more substantial and meaningful? Wouldn’t you like to hang out with like minded folk, make new friends who share your values and your passion to serve the planet and humanity? Well, that is what we craved so we decided to try to create a place where we could have fun, get a suntan and at the same time live in a true community dedicated to exploring new ways of living and working that could contribute toward building a new world of peace, partnership and sustainability.

KALIKALOS Centre was created to show that a temporary but authentic community hosting holistic workshops, retreats, workcamps, living-in-community guest programmes and conferences could be the basis for a meaningful holiday in the sun. And it works! You get a holiday and an educational experience.

AN ALTERNATIVE HOLIDAY IN THE SUN at an holistic holiday venue offers a chance to “use your vacation to save the earth”. M. Scott Peck argued persuasively that authentic community is the salvation of the planet. Holistic alternative holidays allow you to experience how living, working, playing and learning in the context of authentic community brings a sense of solidarity and empowerment, dispelling the alienation and powerlessness many of us feel caught up in our western consumer culture. On an holistic vacation we discover that we can “live our truth and make it count” toward creating a new culture of partnership, cooperation, nonviolence and sharing of our planet’s resources.

This website is a portal to holistic holidays in the Mediterranean rim that feature

  1. Walking/hiking

  2. Raw food detox, and

•Vegetarian cookery workshops

When these activities are combined with a living-in-community experience, you get the kind of meaningful holiday that truly is “something deeper than a suntan” (And includes a suntan if you want one!)


Something Deeper Than a Suntan!

THE KALIKALOS HOLISTIC CENTRE IN PELION GREECE was founded in 2001 by radical psychologist and community builder Jock Millenson in order to bring the new concepts of living, working and relating developed by three international spiritual communities-ecovillages-yoga centres (Findhorn in Scotland, ZEGG in Germany and Auroville in S. India) to a beach holiday in Greece.

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